25-02-2021 PERŞEMBE

Gymnastic Strength&Conditioning 10 Min Emom 5-4 Strict Pull-Up+10-8 Sec Paralel Dip L-Sit Hold Or Modified Knee-Up Sit Hold” -Then- Oly&Gymnastic 15 Min Emom 1.Min:5 Toes To Bar +3 Power Snatch 2.Min:5 Toes To Bar +2 Hang Squat Snatch 3.Min:5 Toes To Bar +1 Squat Snatch -Then- Functional Bodybuilding 10 Min Emom Odd:8 Tall Kneeling Barbell Press+8 Barbell Curl Even:Rest

23-02-2021 SALI

Gymnastic Skılls&Conditioning Every 2 Min For 10 Min(5R) 50 Double-Unders Or 50 Single Jump Rope 10 M HandStand Walks Or 3 Wall-Clımb -Then- Gymnastic&Conditioning For Time: 30 Ring Muscle-Ups Or 30 Bar Muscle-Up -30 C2Bar Pull-Up Starting on the 0:00, and every 3:00 thereafter: 250 M Row Or 0,8 Mil Assault Bike 6 Lateral Burpees over Rower Cap Time:18 Min -Then- Gymanstic&Core Control 5 Round 10 Rower Pike Ups 20 Hollow Rock 10 Sec:Hollow Hold Rest:1 Min